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Berner Bling

“Unusual accessories


Bernese Mountain Dog Lovers Lifestyle."

For the discriminating Berner Lover-

Liane Weyers

Berner Bling Jewelry


Finest handcrafted jewelry you can wear every day.



Dedicated to all of the Crazy Berner Lovers everywhere!!!

We feel that Berner Bling is Better than diamonds.

Ribbons of Hope

I created this series of jewelry while thinking about all the Bernese Mountain Dog friends all over the world to show them we are connected through our LOVE of Bernese Mountain Dogs. We need each other for strength and hope of all the wonderful things that will come in our future!!!

I want to be anything but ordinary and strive for perfection

“Unusual accessories for Bernese mountain dog Lovers lifestyle

Always be thinking of Berners! All day everyday in everyway in everything we do. Extraordinary collections of Jewelry, decor, and trinkets. Titilates your senses!!

I want to be anything but ordinary and strive for perfection.

Liane Weyers Art


For Friends

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Iconic Berner Images

Dylan Rocks, just one of the iconic images I have painted of a friends beloved berner

Commission that travel the world

Perhaps you would like to hire me to do a commisssion of your beloved pet. (yes I do all breeds and cats etc too)!

Commission Piece for Berner Clubs all over the world.

My extenive background in graphic arts trade allow me to bring a wide extesive knowlede of the print trade that helps generat all the appropriate files required for clubs to perform and entire campain for shows.